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Tap into universal life force energy for deep relaxation, stress relief, and a renewed zest for life. Experience the power of this ancient practice and cultivate holistic wellness and balance.


Discover transformative healing through channeled guidance and intuitive insights. Experience Tianshi to restore harmony, clarity, and inner alignment for profound healing and growth.

Beyond Quantum Healing

Immerse in a profound experience and gain deep insights as you explore your subconscious mind for self-healing and spiritual growth.

Anima Mundi Center

Ignite your inner potential and embrace the joy of living an inspired, aligned, and purposeful life!

Discover the profound power of energy healing and transformative teachings, shedding layers to reveal your inner wisdom. Together, we will release limiting beliefs and let go of conditioning that no longer serves you.

My name is Marie-Pier Montigny and I eagerly await our meeting to guide you on this path of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.


Discover the transformative power of energy healing methods, fostering holistic well-being,

deep insights, and inner alignment. Delve into the abundant benefits it offers:

Deeper inner connection and wisdom

Restored vitality and wellbeing

Increased flow of energy

Enhanced self-awareness

Activated self-healing

Improved physical and emotional states

Renewed sense of peace and clarity

Relaxed and rejuvenated

Released emotional blockages


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