Creating a Better World, Starting with a Better You

As a humanitarian aid worker, my lifelong aspiration has always been to make a tangible difference in the world. Throughout my years serving as an Emergency Coordinator for organizations such as the United Nations and Doctors Without Borders, I’ve dedicated over a decade of my life to immersing myself in the most challenging conflict and emergency responses across the globe. From Somalia to Myanmar, Yemen to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and from the Central African Republic to India, Lebanon to Haiti, and Senegal to Malawi, I’ve been confronted with the relentless persistence of extreme injustice in these regions. These firsthand experiences have left indelible imprints on my heart and soul, shaping the person I am today.

It’s incredibly difficult to put into words the sheer magnitude of what I’ve witnessed. I’ve come face to face with mass displacements, famine, the horrors of war, the recruitment of child soldiers, unspeakable acts of sexual violence, the desperation of migration, entire villages reduced to ashes, the dismemberment of innocent bodies, and the haunting sight of malnourished children—the list goes on. These aren’t scenes from a fictional war movie; they are the harsh realities that have unfolded before my very eyes. I’ve witnessed a level of suffering that no soul should ever have to endure. I’ve seen a glimpse of hell on earth.

Yet, amidst this landscape of unimaginable hardship, I’ve also been privileged to bear witness to remarkable stories of compassion, kindness, and gratitude. People from all walks of life have transcended their own challenges to come together and support one another. I’ve seen a dozen people sharing a meager meal because it was all they had, finding solace in their collective struggle. I’ve witnessed strangers selflessly sacrificing their own lives to save others, embodying the true essence of heroism. I’ve encountered individuals who, despite having lost everything, have generously opened their homes and hearts to care for destitute families. And in the midst of it all, I’ve witnessed the purest form of joy as people danced in the streets without any music, their souls moved solely by the exhilaration of being alive for another day. I’ve seen the profound happiness that arises from the simple privilege of witnessing the sunrise each morning.


These profound experiences have deeply shaped my worldview, igniting a shift within me. As I bore witness to the harshest conditions humanity faces, I came to a realization: believing in a greater purpose holds the key to finding meaning amidst the suffering. These stark realities compelled me to embark on a soul-searching journey, exploring the fundamental aspects of life and fostering an unshakable belief in the inherent goodness that resides within every individual, even in the face of adversity. Through this exploration of contrasting themes encompassing both suffering and well-being, I have discovered the profound truth that paradise can indeed be found on earth if we open our eyes to its existence. These realizations have led me on an exploration of spirituality that transcends the boundaries of any specific religion, guiding me on an inward journey where genuine transformation takes place.


Exploring the power of spirituality and energy healing offered me solace and a sense of purpose amidst the chaotic nature of my career. Delving into the pursuit of meaning, I uncovered how energy healing possesses the remarkable ability to unlock the doors to self-understanding, revealing a primary goal that lies before us: to heal ourselves before we can extend healing to the world at large. The witnessing of immense human suffering has served as the catalyst for my own inner growth, firmly grounded in the transformative power of self-care as the foundation for serving others.



Throughout my years of travel in over 50 countries, I’ve always sought out cultural experiences that allowed me to learn about the beliefs of the communities I visited. From witchcraft in the Philippines and Togo to voodoo in Haiti and the Central African Republic, from shamanism in Guatemala and Mexico to herbalism and astrology in India and Egypt, and from the Marabouts of Senegal and Maghreb to the mysticism of the Congolese people and the African nomad pygmies, I’ve discovered that every culture has its own traditional beliefs about spirituality, healing, and well-being, deeply rooted in their history and interconnectedness with the energy and unity of all things. By integrating and learning from these cultures, I’ve realized that energy healing is not a new approach at all! On the contrary, it has been present since ancient times, and we simply need to re-connect with this knowledge.


In today’s modern Western world, many people find themselves trapped in mundane jobs that fail to nourish their souls or provide a sense of fulfillment. They yearn for something greater, sensing deep down that there must be more to life. Yet, they may lack direction and inspiration, unsure of where to turn. Moreover, countless individuals are acutely aware of the world’s challenges and are eager to create a better future for their children while contributing to a healthier planet. This is where inner transformation comes into play. By working on ourselves, healing our wounds, transforming our thought patterns, and rewriting our inner stories, we pave the way for a more conscious life where acceptance, resilience, and love lead the way. By diving deep within and connecting with our true selves, we can uncover our purpose and find more joy in our lives by taking concrete actions aligned with our deepest calling. These feelings of happiness and gratitude will undoubtedly unfold in meaningful contributions to the world around us. By smiling at strangers, radiating joy, and offering acts of kindness, we possess the power to create profound positive change in the world. While these actions may appear small and inconsequential, their impact can extend far beyond what we initially perceive. The ripple effect of such gestures knows no bounds, touching the lives of others and inspiring them to pay it forward.


In my experience, energy healing has served as a key to unlock inner knowledge, awaken courage, and take the first step toward creating a fulfilling life. It has taught me to believe in the power of my own intuition, even in the face of unimaginable challenges. Energy healing has helped me understand the lessons uncovered by my trials and mistakes, discover my true self, and catch a glimpse of my unlimited potential. By incorporating energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Tianshi, meditation, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, or Beyond Quantum Healing into our self-care routines, we promote emotional balance, resilience, stress reduction, and self-awareness. We tap into our innate healing abilities, opening doors to recognize what we are truly capable of through our own inner power. Ultimately, we gain clarity about our path and realize that we have the ability to shape our lives in alignment with our values, making empowered choices unencumbered by social conditioning or past traumas.


By taking care of ourselves and connecting within, we can understand the profound impact it has on a larger-scale transformation. Our personal well-being becomes intertwined with the well-being of the world, inspiring positive change on a global scale. In the midst of witnessing the shadowy aspects of human life, the search for meaning leads us on a transformative journey. By embracing spirituality and energy healing, we recognize that our primary task is to save ourselves. Through self-healing and personal growth, we become beacons of light, contributing to the collective well-being and inspiring those around us. I hope to inspire you to embark on your own path of self-discovery and to recognize that by nurturing yourself, you have the potential to create positive change, not only within yourselves but also within the world we inhabit. Together, we can foster a better world, starting with a better version of ourselves.

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